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Private Speech Therapy Assessment & Treatment Sessions

We offer a variety of 1-2-1 consultations and group sessions. We use the most modern technology wherever possible to reduce costs and waiting times for you and your child.

Pregnant Woman

Home Visits

We offer home visits where possible, to conduct full assessments of feeding, weaning, choking,of your child in their natural most relaxed environment to ensure that activities and advice can be incorporated into daily life

Pregnant Mothers

You have a unique opportunity to bond  and learn how to connect,  understand, communicate, and stimulate your baby even before it is born. 

During a pregnancy consultation, we can explore your baby's world and how to teach them to communicate and interact.

I will also help you plan for the best start for your baby and all the family

Online Consultations

Online consultations can be conducted using Skype, Face time, Zoom, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and other suitable systems. This is often a less intrusive method for observing and assessing your child and giving immediate 1-2-1 real time guidance.

Mothers with babies

Now your baby is here, you are experiencing all their emotions and sometimes their frustrations. they are communicating with you, but you are not speaking the same language.

Through an online consultation, you can learn how your baby communicates and how best to react to their wants and needs, and go even further to teach them communication skills.

We can develop bespoke strategies as you get to know your baby and trouble shoot the most difficult aspects of their care. I will give you activities and games to help develop their communications.

There is a unique window of opportunity to give your baby enhanced building blocks for better feeding, weaning and communication

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